3. Developer Documentation

3.8. Getting Started

This project is based on using PyCharm as the IDE, Django as the web framework, and PostgreSQL as the database backend for development.

3.8.1. Contributing to this Project

In order for you to contribute to this project, you will need to spend some time setting up your environment.


PyCharm is available from JetBrains (http://www.jetbrains.com) in two editions - Professional($) and Community(Free). This project only requires the Community edition, althogh it will work with the Professional edition if you are lucky enough to have it.


This project requires you to have a GitHub account.


The Django web framework code will be downloaded as part of the project code.

3.8.2. Starting Point

Please start with the Git Guidelines.

3.9. General Developer Documentation

Helpful Developer Resources are available.

3.10. Django Documentation

Documentation about Django, including documentation specific to this project.


Django Guidelines

3.11. PostgreSQL Documentation

Documentation about PostgreSQL that is specific to this project.

A graph of the database tables and their relationships is shown here.


A bigger, sharper image of this graph can be downloaded from here.

3.12. Git Documentation

Documentation about git (the source code control software) that is specific to this project.

3.13. Internal Documentation

Javascript and JQuery information specific to this project.

How information about boxes and their workflows.

3.14. Deployment Documentation

This system is planned to be deployed in a “cloud” platform. See Deployment Documentation for both an overview of the deployment plans and details as they are implemented.

3.15. Other Developer Resources

Additional developer resources: